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An Excellent Guest Speaker, Presentation Or Entertainment Performance For Your Next Event


 Guest Speaker u Motivator u Entertainer

 How Good Is Your Memory?
Memory Is Knowledge, And Together They Are The Keys To Success 
Robinn Lange's MINDPOWER Memory is an exciting and interactive presentation which features methods and secrets to allow everyone to improve their Memory and their ability to memorize, retain and recall information with ease.

Robinn showcases his Memory abilities for your audience as they witness first hand exciting demonstrations and the abilities of MINDPOWER Memory.

Next, in a rare and exciting twist, Robinn will explain to your audience, step by step, exactly how he trained his Memory to do the seemingly impossible. He will teach your guests how to use the same proven techniques and methods to improve their own Memory. Your guests will be amazed at how easily and quickly they can utilize Robinn’s methods to experience their own personal results within just a few minutes.

Robinn Lange’s MINDPOWER Memory Offers Benefits That You And Your Guests Can Apply
Both Personally And Professionally

Unleash Your Mindpower And Memory Abilities!

Let Your Audience Take
The Memory Test

Your guests will be truly amazed at their actual MINDPOWER Memory ability. The Memory Test is designed to showcase your guests progress, ability and true Memory potential. Watch as your guests Memory, retention and recall are greatly improved almost immediately by applying the ideas and concepts of this exciting presentation. This is a test your audience will enjoy taking and requires no studying or advance preparation.

  • Entertaining
  • Educational
  • Interactive

100% Audience Participation

Robinn Lange’s MINDPOWER Memory Is The Presentation Your Guests Will Never Forget!

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