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Robinn Lange is a student of the mind. Robinn truly understands the natural abilities of the human mind. This, combined with sound psychological concepts and mental abilities, has allowed Robinn to become a master of memory, subconscious influence, intuition, body language, thought projection, mindreading and hypnosis.

Robinn’s unique blend of mental intelligence, educational principles, and live performing creates these unique and amazing events that offer laughter, amazement and great insight into the power of the human mind and the world of self-ability.

Robinn offers several fantastic performances and programs specifically designed for corporate events, trade shows, schools and venues and events of all types. The Robinn Lange's series of MINDPOWER presentations are among the most successful and memorable audience participation presentations available today.

Robinn Lange is a world class headlining entertainer, presenter, motivator, and author who has been featured on The Oprah Winfrey Show, Good Morning America, CBS News, CNN, MTV and ABC-TV’s All My Children, and has been a fixture on radio for twenty years. Robinn has worked with such performers as Tom Jones, Willie Nelson, Phyllis Diller, Don Rickles, Steve Allen, Michael Jordan, Tony Danza, John Stamos, Loretta Lynn, Kenny Rogers, The Monkees, and The Beach Boys.

Robinn Lange is the author of several books and a complete series of self-improvement CDs based on MINDPOWER.

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